Here Why Learning the Art of Permanent Makeup Is Vital For All Salon, Spa, and Beauty Clinics

Aimee Tariq
3 min readNov 17, 2020


Demand for permanent makeup and microblading services has been increasing in recent years, thanks to the convenience and cost-effectiveness of completing a one-and-done beauty service. With permanent makeup, clients pay for one initial session, providing them with the makeup appearance they desire without all of the check-up hassle. The cost is much more affordable in the end, not to mention, it provides clients with more time to worry about what’s important in their everyday lives.

As individuals and households work remotely due to related shutdowns today, with individuals losing jobs, they are working to find more affordable beauty services to work within a budget, microblading and permanent makeup have never been in higher demand, according to the Allure Microblading Academy’s (AMA) Lily Thien.

“The beauty industry is changing to meet the ‘new normal’ that is being created by the lockdown today, which is why it’s more important than ever for beauty, spa, and beauticians to consider what clients actually want provided,” said Thien. “People want to minimize how many times they have to physically go into stores right now, which can harm the spas and salons around the country. In order to stay profitable, I am urging all salon owners to consider the value of professional microblading training and education.”

From Knowledge Comes Power

AMA has recently earned recognition for being the most recognized and trusted microblading academy in the United States. Under the direction of Thien, a certified microblading master, member of SPCP, and a licensed esthetician instructor in the state of Texas, AMA reflects the most rigorous standards when it comes to permanent makeup training.

In order to stand out from the competition and provide the most comprehensive training available to students today, AMA includes the following in their educational courses: unlimited access to the course after it has been completed should a student want to learn the material again, practice ability on live models for real, hands-on experience, lifetime support from AMA instructors, a professional microblading kit that can support a full-scale business and 150 clients, exclusive discounts on microblading supplies, and placement assistance for graduating students looking to secure their first professional job as a permanent makeup artist.

“My passion for beauty services started at a young age while I worked as an esthetician & PMU artist for my family’s medical spa,” said Thien. “It only made sense that I open my very own training clinic that can help other people around the country realize their same passion, too. For those looking to get ahead of the curve in a post-pandemic world where permanent makeup is in demand, AMA is here to help.”

Founding Lucrative Beauty Companies

Thien concluded by stating that all prospective microblading artists can make $500 per two-hour microblading procedures, treating about two clients per day. At 60 clients per month with a $500 rate per two-hours, it’s possible for one artist to earn $30,000 per month. As not only the hottest trend in the permanent makeup industry, but also the highest paying job in the beauty industry today, Thien wants all prospective students to feel welcome in asking any questions.